assisted living

I stumbled across the site for the Mature Market Institute today. They do an annual market survey on costs for assisted living, nursing homes, and stuff like that. It’s no surprise that the Bridgewater NJ area is one of the most expensive in the country for assisted living. The national average is $3131 monthly. Wilmington, DE is the most expensive, at $5219. Bridgewater NJ is $4354. I’m paying more than that for Mom, since she’s in an Alzheimer’s unit, and requires a pretty high level of care. I’ve got a claim open on her long-term care insurance, but I haven’t gotten an answer from them yet, so I’m paying for Mom’s care out of Dad’s retirement savings right now.

There are a bunch of other interesting (and sometimes useful) papers on their site. There are a couple on “discovering what matters” that look like they might be worth reading. And there’s a caregiver’s guide for Alzheimer’s Disease that has some good info in it.

This site is run by MetLife, so I’m guessing that there may be a certain bias on certain subjects, but everything I’ve read there so far seems reasonable.

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