This post is mostly going to be more of the same stuff I was posting about yesterday. First, today was supposed to be Free Comic Book Day, but of course that’s been postponed. I found some folks trying to do FCBD-ish stuff today on Twitter, but nothing that was too interesting to me. This weekend is also Awesome Con Online. They have some mildly interesting stuff going on, but honestly nothing that I’m likely to watch.

I had some trouble sleeping last night, but I still got out of bed at 6 this morning and worked my way through my to-do list: laundry, grocery shopping, bank, and a few other little things. I even drove my car for the first time in a month. (Apparently, you have to do that once in a while, or the rats take over.) It’s just past noon now, and I’m ready for a nap. And, since it’s Saturday, I think I can just go ahead and do that.

I had a few more things I wanted to mention here, but I’ve just about run out of steam. So I guess it’s time for that nap.

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