February 2007

I tried the Windows Complete PC Backup again from work today, and it worked fine! The only difference is that I used DVDs from work instead of the ones I […]

I’ve been shredding old credit card receipts and stuff like that tonight. While I wait for my overheated shredder to cool down a bit, I thought I’d write up a […]

Once again, Wondercon will coincide with the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade. The initial programming schedule for Wondercon is up, too, and it looks good.

Everything’s complicated. I wanted to do a complete hard drive backup on my desktop PC before upgrading to Office 2007. I’ve got a 250 GB hard drive in that machine, […]

I read a post on someone’s blog today that made me a bit curious. He mentioned that some other bloggers had been posting their first Amazon.com purchase. I decided to […]

I just ordered myself a new Dell Inspiron E1505. I got a pretty good deal on it through Dell’s EPP (employee purchase program) site. (I have access to that through […]