new Vista laptop

I just ordered myself a new Dell Inspiron E1505. I got a pretty good deal on it through Dell’s EPP (employee purchase program) site. (I have access to that through work, since we do a lot of business with Dell.) I got it with Vista Ultimate installed. I still can’t say that I’m really enthusiastic about Vista, but I do think that I’ll need to learn it, just for the sake of keeping my skills current, if for no other reason.

I need to pick up a book on Vista too, either Brian Livingston’s Vista Secrets or David Pogue’s Missing Manual, I think. I probably still have Livingston’s original Windows Secrets, for Windows 3.1, floating around here somewhere; I remember that being a really good book. And I have a couple of Pogue’s Mac OS X Missing Manual books, and those are pretty good too.

I should try and get myself a copy of Office 2007 too, so I can learn that. I might pick up the upgrade package from CostCo, or wherever else I can find it discounted to a semi-reasonable level.

Really, Microsoft is just getting out of hand with pricing. They do have the “Home and Student” version of Office now, and that’s relatively affordable, but it doesn’t include Access or Outlook, so that’s a bit of a deal breaker for me, at least. And Vista pricing is a joke, if you’re buying it off the shelf.

Meanwhile, I’m still getting over my cold. I feel a lot better today, but I’m still feeling a bit weird. As long as I’m back to normal by WonderCon, I’m good.

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