Pocket PC – DST changes

After going through a lot of grief at work, making sure all our systems would deal with the DST change OK, it just occured to me to check and see if my old Toshiba Pocket PC would change on the appropriate date. It took a bit of searching, but I finally found this page, which would seem to indicate that the Pocket PC will take the settings from my desktop PC when I sync. If that’s correct, then cool. (You also have to manually switch to a different time zone, then back to your own, to force the device to load the new settings. Weird, but OK.)

In poking around, I also found that there’s a new version of ActiveSync (4.5) out. I installed it, and it seems to work OK. Not spectacularly different from the old version that I was using (3.5).

There’s some more info on the DST fix here and here.

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