February 2007

I entered some more stuff into KeePass tonight. I’m up to the letter “B” now. Hoo boy, do I have a way to go. In looking through my Vault database, […]

I was going to try copying all my passwords from Vault to KeePass tonight. I really like Vault, but it uses an unencrypted database, and it’s not cross-platform. KeePass runs […]

Mark Evanier has posted the list of panels he’ll be hosting at WonderCon. Looks like some good stuff, including a spotlight on Gene Colan, one of my favorite artists. The […]

Well, the sun is setting, and the backup of my main desktop machine is done, with no errors. I’m creating a disaster recovery ISO through Retrospect right now. Basically, Retrospect […]

I hooked up my new 500 GB external drive to my desktop computer today, so I’ll be ready to try a full backup tomorrow. I’m probably going to take my […]

Mark Tatulli’s comic strip Lio is starting to grow on me. Very odd humor. Have you hugged your cephalopod today?