Well, we got 27.4 inches of snow here in Somerville yesterday, according to the local news. It’s calmed down today, and everybody is digging out. I spent about 30 minutes […]

Route 22 Sustainable Corridor Long Term Improvements — It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, and how much money gets spent on it.

I never got a ballot in the mail for this year’s elections, so I decided to try and find one online. The Somerset County Board of Elections page has a […]

NJ is now charging sales tax on a bunch of stuff that didn’t used to be taxable. From my perspective, the two most annoying categories are comic books (periodicals) and […]

It turns out that NJM Bank also has pretty good rates on CDs, and I’m pretty sure they’re trustworthy, based on my experiences with their car insurance. They have an […]

After working in an office without air conditioning for the last two days, I’m ready to get out of New Jersey and head off to San Diego. The temperature outside […]