Apple’s New Online Music Service “Now Mr. Jobs and his team have taken another dysfunctional, user-hostile product and bashed the ugliness out of it: the downloadable-music service.”

I decided to check out Apple’s new music service today. Looks pretty good. Just for yuks, I bought a song — “Glad and Sorry” by the Faces. I was hoping […]

I bought a marked-down copy of Dinosaur Jr’s Without a Sound CD yesterday. I just looked at the receipt, and, rather than the title, it’s listed as “OFFBEAT GENERIC CD”. […]

WNEW Cutting Talk Format to Focus on Free-Form Music This would be really good news, if their “Free-Form” format was really free-form. They mention Michelle Branch, the Dixie Chicks and […]

I’ve been checking Josh Benton’s blog on a lot lately. Follow some of his links, and waste some time. Good stuff.