getting there

I’m vaguely proud of myself. I’ve got the new machine almost completely set up now. (When did we get to the point where it takes 3 or 4 days to get a new computer set up?) I’ve got Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 on there, both patched to current levels. I’ve got my TomTom One GPS working, and my BlackBerry Storm working (after some grief with the USB mass storage mode). My iTunes library is in place and synced to my Apple TV again. Outlook is all hooked up, and can send and receive e-mail, no problem. I’ve made recovery DVDs, so I can reinstall Windows, if I ever need to. I’ve got most of the HP crapware either uninstalled or at least out of the way so it doesn’t launch on startup. Ditto for all the weird stuff that got installed with the new Canon printer. (Speaking of which, I have the drivers installed on my Dell Inspiron and my MacBook too now, so I can print from either of those.) Even with all that, I’ve still got a few things left to do. And, after all this work, I really need to image this hard drive, just in case.

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