Azure and baseball and comics

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did manage to watch a few of the Global Azure Bootcamp videos, yesterday and this morning. I didn’t really find any videos that directly applied to the projects that I’m currently working on, but I did pick up some good pointers and some useful background information. It was mentioned on Twitter that the videos are only staying up until Monday, so I guess that if I want to watch any more of them, I should do that today.

I also managed to get out and see a bit of the Somerset Patriots season-opening double-header yesterday too. I arrived about halfway through the first game, and went home just before the second game started, though. I intended on staying through at least the first few innings of the second game, but it was getting too cold. (The final score in the second game was 14-2, Patriots, so that would have been fun to watch.)

I did not get out to see Avengers: Endgame yesterday, and it looks like I’m not even going to try today. I checked a 9am showing this morning, and it wasn’t sold out, but there was only one seat available, and it wasn’t a good one. I assume the later showings are going to be sold out. I’m not sure I can sit through a three-hour superhero movie anyway. (I like Warren Ellis’ reference to the movie as “AVENGERS: SATANTANGO or whatever this bladder test is called.” I don’t think I could sit through the actual Sátántangó either.) This may be the kind of thing where I need to wait for it to come out on Blu-ray, so I can use a pause button as needed.

I did manage to finish up a Batman graphic novel this morning, and I may start on another after lunch, so I am getting some comic book reading done this weekend too.

Meanwhile, I should probably also be doing some prep work for my trip to Redmond at the end of the week for the Partner Center workshop. I think I have everything up-to-date on my laptop, and my laundry is done, so there’s not really much more to do, though.

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