Microsoft Build

I kept an eye on the news coming out of Microsoft Build yesterday. There’s a good overview at The Next Web. At some point, I’d like to try out Code on my Mac. It’ll be interesting to see if it gets any traction, and how this affects Xamarin Studio. There are a lot of short articles out there on Code, but there’s not much substantial information in any of them. I just checked Scott Hanselman’s site, though, and he has a good post up about it. He makes it clear that this is more of an editor than a full IDE:

This a code-focused and code-optimized lightweight tool, not a complete IDE.

So it’s not exactly a direct competitor to Xamarin Studio. Maybe more of a competitor to Sublime Text? This makes me wonder, though, if they have bigger plans for Mac/Linux, or if this is just a weird little side project that will fade into oblivion a few years from now.

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