There’s an interesting article on the NewsHour site about anime’s absence from the Oscars this year. It mentions the movie Your Name, which I’ve heard a lot about, but haven’t […]

I just finished reading the sixth (final) volume of Akira. I read volumes 1-3 quite some time ago, and decided to read 4-6 just recently. I’m not sure why I […]

It’s been so cold out, I decided to just cocoon myself in my apartment this weekend and watch anime. I haven’t actually done that in quite a while. It was […]

Yesterday was my 45th birthday. It was a pretty low-key birthday. I strayed from my diet and had a couple of slices of pizza for dinner, and I allowed myself […]

In Memoriam: Satoshi Kon — looks like this is happening tonight at Lincoln Center. If I’d known, I might have taken off from work early and gone in.