sick day, more Buffy comics

I went on a Buffy comics kick back at the end of 2019, reading through Buffy seasons eight and nine, Angel & Faith season nine, and some miscellaneous one-shots and mini-series. I finished up in December, but now I’m getting back into it. At the time, the Dark Horse stuff was out of print, so it was a little hard to come by. I’d purchased a full run of Buffy season ten off eBay in December, but had just left it in my “to be read” pile, until now. Well, I’ve been feeling sick all week and finally gave in and took a sick day today. So I’m reading Buffy comics. And I’m really liking season ten.

The current holder of the Buffy license, Boom Studios, has finally started reprinting some of the Dark Horse stuff. So I can now buy Buffy seasons 11 and 12 right from Comixology. (Season 11 is on sale for 40% off right now, so I already bought that.) They’ve also reprinted Angel season 11, but, annoyingly, haven’t done Angel & Faith season 10 yet. Mind you, I have a ton of stuff from the Angel & Buffy Humble Bundle that I bought in 2016 that I still haven’t read yet, but I really want to ready Angel & Faith season 10. Both the trade paperbacks and individual issues from that run are scarce and pricey. So I guess I’m going to have to wait for it to get reprinted. (It’s funny how sometimes I can have hundreds of comics and books to read, but the one thing I want to read is the one thing I can’t get…)

Anyway, finishing Buffy season 10 will probably take me a while, and getting through that may be enough to get me off my Buffy kick again. Meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye out for Angel & Faith back issues on eBay.

Oh, and back on the subject of sick days: one nice thing about the pandemic is that I haven’t gotten a cold in six months. I guess that long run has been broken, since I seem to have something very much like a cold right now. I often get one at the change in seasons, and this week is the week when I finally switched from shorts to long pants, so I guess this is the official transition from summer to fall, so it makes sense.

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