Sunday stuff, and Legend of Korra

After taking a sick day on Friday, I felt a lot better yesterday, but was still taking it pretty easy. I read some more Buffy comics, and also started watching The Legend of Korra on DVD. I thought I was even better this morning, but then had to cut my usual Sunday walk short because I started getting tired at around the 15-minute mark. So I guess today will also be mostly Buffy and Korra and hot tea and maybe a nap or two.

Avatar and Korra both started streaming on Netflix recently, so there’s been a surge of interest and popularity for both series. I’d watched Avatar some time ago, when it was streaming… somewhere. I don’t really remember. I know I didn’t watch it when it first aired, and I know I don’t have the DVD set. But I never got around to watching Korra. I got interested in it early this year, and bought the DVD set from Amazon. At the time, it wasn’t streaming anywhere that I had access to, and the DVD set was less than $20.

When Netflix got both shows, I started seeing a lot of references to them on the web, so that reminded me that I hadn’t gotten around to Korra yet, and now seemed like a good time to start watching it. Generally, there’s a dearth of new shows coming out right now, for obvious reasons, so there’s been a lot of articles and podcasts that are mining old ones. I listened to a Pop Culture Happy Hour episode on Avatar recently that was pretty good. I was going to link to a few more articles here, but one of them turned out to have a big spoiler in it for something I haven’t gotten to yet, so I think I’m going to avoid reading any more Korra articles until I’ve finished the series.

Anyway, I finished “book one” yesterday, and I’m really enjoying the series so far. It’s got a bit of a steampunk feel to it. Steampunk definitely had a peak at some point, maybe around the same time this was originally airing, so I might have rolled my eyes at it then, but now it seems kind of cool again. It’s kind of amazing what they did with this show, on what I assume must have been a fairly limited budget. I’m not sure how well it holds up over the next three seasons, but it’s well-respected enough that I assume it continues to be pretty good, at least.

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