AI chaos

It figures. On Friday, I decide to finally buy in to the whole ChatGPT thing, first trying to sign up for ChatGPT Plus, then, when I couldn’t do that, signing up for a paid Poe subscription instead. Then, the whole thing starts falling apart. Last time I checked, Sam Altman is probably working for Microsoft now, and most of OpenAI’s employees are threatening to quit if the board doesn’t resign. Or maybe the Microsoft thing isn’t final, and Altman could still go back to OpenAI (according to one article I read about five minutes ago)… It’s all very confusing.

There are a LOT of articles out there about this stuff, of course. I’ve tried to find a couple of good/useful takes, and I think this one from Ben Thompson is probably useful, and this one from Jeff Jarvis is interesting and at least a little funny.

I’ve been getting into all this stuff maybe a little too deeply lately. I should probably leave it alone this week, and see what it looks like after Thanksgiving (assuming this stuff will shake out by then).

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