getting ready for Comic-Con @ Home

Comic-Con @ Home has officially started. And I’m done with work for today, so I’m now officially on vacation. There’s not much going on tonight that I’m interested in, so I really won’t start “attending” the con until tomorrow. Looking at old blog posts from today, I see that in 2008 on this day I was getting ready to leave for San Diego the next day. And I see that I didn’t go in 2009, so I guess 2008 was my last year until I lucked out again in 2012. And I know 2012 was the last time I went. So I guess it’s kind of cool that I get to participate, to some extent, this year.

The souvenir book for this year has been posted as a free PDF. And they have a bunch of other PDFs posted here, including a do-it-yourself badge and some door signs. So if you want an official SDCC restroom sign, you can print one out. I’m slightly tempted to do that, but that would just be silly. They also have an odd selection of recipes posted here. Pretty much all of those are… a bit much. But hey, it’s all in fun.

I’ve been trying to think of things I can do to make my Comic-Con @ Home mini-vacation feel more like a real vacation, and I’m not coming up with much. I’ll probably spend tomorrow morning just reading comics and relaxing, then watch some panels in the afternoon. That’s good enough for now, I guess. Maybe I can get some Mexican food. That’ll help.

One aspect of SDCC that definitely can’t be recreated at home, in NJ, is the weather. We’ve been having a heat wave this week, with temperatures in the 90s and high humidity. And we’re currently in the middle of a thunderstorm that’s caused my electricity to blink out twice so far. Meanwhile, San Diego is in the low 70s and partly cloudy. Well, hopefully, I won’t lose electricity (or internet) entirely. That would make for a pretty rotten con!

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