finishing Transmetropolitan

I just finished the final volume of Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan series. I bought the series from Comixology back in 2012, when they had it all on sale for some reason I can’t remember. I started reading it about a year ago. I got through about half of it last year, then took a break, then picked it up again a few months ago. It’s a really good series, and holds up well. (It was originally published from 1997-2002.)

I’ve been on an Ellis kick lately. I also recently finished his book Normal, which was fun little novella. I have some more of his stuff in Comixology that I might read soon too. But I’m also on a Grant Morrison kick, having recently finished his Batman & Robin run. (His Batman Inc stuff is up next.)

So I have a lot of good stuff waiting to be read. I went to Garden State Comics Fest yesterday, expecting to come home with some more books to add to the pile, but I wound up buying only one comic, out of a dollar bin. So I guess I spent more on gas driving to and from the con then I did on actual comics. I thought about going back to the con again today, but decided to sit outside on Division Street reading Transmet instead. I think that was a pretty good decision.

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