I just started reading Warren Ellis’ comic Transmetropolitan. I bought the whole series (60 issues plus a couple of specials) on Comixology a few years ago, when they had it on sale. I’ve been wanting to read it, but I kept putting it off. Starting into it seemed like a daunting task, given its reputation.

I’ve gotten through the first nine issues this weekend, and I’m really enjoying it. In some ways, it’s a bit dated, but in others it’s quite topical and relevant. The Guardian ran an article recently, in fact, on how relevant it is to the current presidential election here in the US. (And here’s another recent article, from Comics Alliance.)

I’ve also been reading Ellis’ current blog, at (yeah, that’s a weird address, but it works). Lately, he’s been posting a lot of random stuff there, nothing earth-shattering, but often interesting or insightful. And he often links to good books and good ambient music. (Though I think some of the music links only get posted to his tumblr page.)

Spider Jerusalem is based somewhat loosely on Hunter S. Thompson. I’ve always liked his work too. I just read about how Thompson’s widow recently returned a stolen set of antlers to Ernest Hemingway’s family. Fun stuff.

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