Joe Sinnott

Here’s a nice article about Joe Sinnott, from the NY Times, earlier this week. One thing that’s good about all the superhero movies coming out nowadays is that they usually kick up a handful of related media stories that can bring some attention to creators like Sinnott. (Though this article isn’t directly related to the new Spider-Man movie, it does mention it, and the article probably wouldn’t exist if not for the new movie.) I tend to think of Sinnott primarily for his long run on Fantastic Four, but that’s barely mentioned in the Times article.

The article is largely about Sinnott’s current work on the Spider-Man newspaper strip. It’s kind of cool that the Spider-Man newspaper strip is still running, and that folks like Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott are still involved with it.

Speaking of stuff that’s loosely related to the new movie, this exhibit at the Society of Illustrators sounds interesting. (I’m still a little annoyed that I missed their recent Will Eisner exhibit. That’s entirely my fault; I knew it was there, and I just didn’t get around to it. So I should make a point of going to this one.)

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