Beginning SharePoint 2013 development

Beginning SharePoint 2013 DevelopmentBeginning SharePoint 2013 Development by Steve Fox
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I’m supposed to be getting involved in some SharePoint development at work soon. But I have no details on the specific project that I’ll be working on yet. So I’ve been doing some general background reading on SharePoint, in the hopes that some of it proves useful.

This book is structured so that each chapter gives you a quick introduction to one aspect of developing for SharePoint. A lot of stuff can be considered under the general heading of “SharePoint development”, and the book tries to cover as much as it can. I think it does a good job of covering the basics, and giving a new SharePoint developer a good overview of the various ways in which a developer can interact with SharePoint.

If, like me, you really have no idea where to start with SharePoint, this is a good book to pick up and read through. It covers enough of the basics that it should get you pointed in the right direction. But it’s not going to take you very far, once you’re actually off and running.

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