A nice day

We finally had a nice day with moderate temperatures yesterday, so I took the opportunity to make another NYC museum-hopping visit, and also did some walking. (It’s funny how my definition of “nice day” has been downwardly adjusted by this harsh winter. It was overcast yesterday, and the streets were full of melting grey slush. But it was above freezing!)

I first went to MoMA. I’m curious about their Björk exhibit, but I didn’t bother trying to get in to that. There are actually multiple parts to the exhibit; the centerpiece, I guess, is the “Songlines” exhibit, “an interactive, location-based audio experience”, which required timed-entry tickets, even for members. So, if I decide that I’m really interested in that, I’ll come back on a day when I can go in early. I’m not sure I care about a Björk exhibit that much. It seems like mostly just a novelty exhibit. But I guess stuff like that helps pay for the more interesting, less popular, exhibits, like the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit that’s coming to an end soon.

After MoMA, I went to the Met. While I had no particular agenda for that visit, when I got there I realized there was a members preview of the Plains Indians exhibit going on, so I went in and took a look around. It’s actually really interesting and well-done.

To get some additional exercise, I walked from the Met back to Penn Station, making a quick stop at Kinokuniya. I don’t think I’d ever been in this particular Kinokuniya location before. I was surprised at how many English-language books and comics they had. They have a really good selection of American and European graphic novels on the second floor.

So it was a good day, overall. I’m looking forward to an even nicer day when all the snow is melted and the Met roof garden is open, so I can spend a little time in the sun up there, maybe enjoying a beer or coffee.

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