Life After Cancer

I’ve been following Federico Viticci’s site MacStories for a while now. He posts some really great in-depth and thoughtful reviews and articles. I was really blown away by his recent article about “Life After Cancer.” I don’t know much about him personally, and I had no idea that he’d had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is the same kind of cancer that killed my brother Pat.

Reading about his treatment, it sounds like some serious advances have been made in the last ten years, which makes me wonder if Pat would have survived if he’s gotten Hodgkin’s today rather than ten years ago. (Or maybe Federico’s case was just different from Pat’s.) There’s probably not much point in speculating.

All of his notes on the various health-related apps he’s using are quite interesting. I’m pretty well satisfied with the weight-loss app I’m currently using, LoseIt. And I use RunKeeper to track my exercise (what little I do). I’m kind of interested in the sleep-tracking app he uses, Pillow. I’d never heard of it before. I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately, I think, but I have had problems with insomnia in the recent past.

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