Windows 7 – Virtual PC annoyances

I’m setting up my new HP desktop (bought from Woot a few days back). Things are going well, for the most part, but I’m not sure I like the new Virtual PC. My main complaint right now is the convoluted method required to merge an undo disk into a main VHD file. See here for details. This worked fine in VPC 2007. Now, it’s a real pain.

I also hit a snag with the integration features. I have an XP VM that doesn’t have any passwords set on any of the accounts. If you turn on integration, then you get a separate login box that won’t allow you to log in to an account without a password. Also annoying.

I posted about some trouble I had with VPC a few weeks ago here, when I was trying to see if I could do P2V on my Dad’s old machine. Overall, I’d say I just haven’t had a good experience with Virtual PC lately.

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