October 2007

I started reading this post on the NY Times site earlier this evening. I had to stop and bookmark it for later, since there were so many interesting lists in […]

I’m quite happy to see Gmail providing IMAP access now. It hasn’t shown up on my account yet, but it sounds like they should have it rolled out to everybody […]

I picked up an iPod Touch at CostCo today. Primarily, I’m just looking at it as a replacement for my Nano, which I’ll probably be selling to a friend for […]

Looks like one of my favorite films, Diva, is playing at the Film Forum soon. I haven’t seen this one in quite a while. I’m not sure why I like […]

I don’t post about Somerville very often, but I thought I’d write a quick post to mark the passing of the Somerville Pathmark. I ran over there tonight to pick […]

I decided to spend a little time this week playing around with Ubuntu 7.10. At work, I installed it on two old Dell Latitude notebooks that we had lying around. […]

I was wandering around Costco today, and saw that they had the Sony Reader PRS-500 on sale for $250. I almost picked one up, but thought better of it. I’m […]