getting rid of stuff

I’m selling my old Toshiba E310 Pocket PC on eBay, if anyone out there is even vaguely interested.

I bought it back in 2002 mostly because my company was doing some stuff with Pocket PCs at the time, so I just wanted to familiarize myself with the platform, and also see if was any better than my Palm. Well, it never wound up replacing my old Palm i705 for day-to-day use, even though it was technically a better machine. (The i705 doesn’t even have a color screen.) I did have some fun playing games on it, and I also read a few eBooks on it. It was pretty good for that kind of thing. But I could never talk myself into using it as an organizer.

It does look a lot like the non-phone PDA is just about dead now. There’s really nothing new in that category coming out from either Palm or any Pocket PC vendor, except for some vertical market stuff.

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