good news

Some random good news today:

  • I got new bed sheets today!
  • I got the renewal letter for my apartment lease today, and the landlord isn’t raising the rent!
  • I got a hotel room for San Diego! This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s gotten harder and harder to get a room for San Diego over the past few years. They opened up the hotel reservation system at noon (Eastern) today. I tried getting to their web site right then, but the site was getting hammered so much, there was really no chance of getting in. I went off to eat lunch and came back at 12:30 and tried again. It took awhile for pages to load, but they did come up, and I did eventually manage to make it through the system and came out on the other end with a valid hotel reservation. I’ll be in the Westin Horton Plaza this year, which is probably a pretty good hotel, and not too far from the convention center. I’ve never stayed there before, but it looks nice.

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