June 2004

Yahoo! Mail Plus now gives me pretty everything I would have wanted out of Yahoo mail. And the $20/year price is reasonable. Unfortunately, they didn’t introduce it until after I’d […]

I’m playing around with SharpReader tonight. I’ve never been able to get myself really excitied about RSS, but I’m giving it a try. My Atom Feed looks OK in it.

I just got The Best of the Move from Amazon. I’d never heard of these guys until a couple of weeks ago. They’re great. Their earlier stuff (late 60’s) is […]

I just took a look at StubHub.com to see if they had tickets for the Phish show at the Tweeter Center that’s coming up in August. They’ve got tickets from […]

I just finished reading the last book in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy. Just for yuks, I did a Google search on “cheerful instead of surly”, part of a […]