October 2002

Bugs and Dust Balls: A ‘Clean’ Installation Mildly amusing article at the New York Times, describing a typical person’s experience performing some simple upgrades on her PC. I got a […]

Here are some links related to LCD monitors: Flat-panels: They’re here, they’re affordable, they’re hot LCD monitor round-up Sexy LCD 17″ Monitors – Part I Comparison of 17″ LCDs: The […]

I’ve just about finished upgrading my PC now. The new 100 GB hard drive is in and working. (The old one is still in too, unfortunately. I can’t get it […]

At my brother’s urging, I watched the entire Viking Kittens thing. Um, okay. Here’s something I don’t understand, but it looks like fun.

I installed a new motherboard in my machine today, and it actually worked! (Not on the first try, mind you, but eventually.) It’s an ASUS A7V333, with an Athlon XP […]