Lord of the Rings

Went to see a Lord of the Rings presentation at Lincoln Center last night. Very cool, even if I didn’t get home until 2am! You can find a bunch of write-ups on it at TheOneRing.net. The Cave Troll rules! I can’t help being a bit geeky about this. It really looks like the LotR movies aren’t going to suck! Of course, now I’m going to have to re-read all the books, too. Where am I going to find time for that?


I just finished reading the most recent Cerebus story arc, Going Home. As usual, great storytelling, great backgrounds from Gerhard, and some great funny bits in the main story.

Some weird stuff in the back, though, including a way bizzare essay in the back of the last issue. You can read it here, on the Comics Journal’s page. I actually think Sim makes some good points, although he goes way too far with most of them. You can read more about his essay here. Have fun.