I decided recently that I really need to lose some weight. So I started using Lose It about two weeks ago, to track my calories. I also bought (and read) […]

long walk

I just want to blog this, since it’s the longest walk I’ve done in quite some time. Two hours, and almost 7.5 miles.

Happy Easter.  My allergies have been bothering me a lot lately.  (At least I think it’s allergies.)  I took a generic Claritin last night before bed, but it really didn’t […]

It was such a nice day, I went out for a long walk after dinner tonight. I walked for about an hour. That’s probably the most exercise I’ve gotten since […]

I have to admit, I’m considering The DDR Workout. Aside from all the DDR stuff, there are some good comments in this story about exercise, nutrition, and weight loss in […]