NYCC badges bought

As an update to my earlier post today: I got through the queue for NYCC badges at around 11:30, and bought badges for Thursday and Sunday. (Friday and Saturday were already sold out.) I also bought a 4-day digital ticket, that should let me watch panels on the web, on the days that I’m not at the actual con. Adding in the various fees, the total was $167, so that’s pretty steep, but I guess it’s worth it. It’ll be my first in-person con since NYCC 2019.

Just based on the amount of time I had to spend in the queue, and looking at comments on Twitter and Reddit, I’m guessing that a lot of people are enthusiastic to go to NYCC this year. I’m hoping that they’re serious about having limited the ticket sales, to keep crowd size down. And I’m hoping COVID is entirely under control by October. But who knows.

There’s an additional bureaucratic hoop that I need to jump through with these tickets, by the way. My “fan verified” account is under my old GMail address, and I’ve never been able to figure out how to change it to my new one. So, this year, I used the GMail address to buy the tickets, but assigned them to my current email address. So now I need to fan-verify my current email address, and accept the ticket transfer from my old address. I did that after I bought the tickets, and apparently it takes a day to get that approved, so I can’t actually transfer the tickets until tomorrow. (Assuming the new fan verification is actually approved.) So that’s a pain, but hopefully I can then use the new address going forward.

Back on the topic of virtual conventions: I just noticed that Shore Leave is being held this weekend. I’ve already missed most of it now, but it’s not too late for me to catch a panel or two. I see that a few of my favorite Star Trek writers are on the “What’s new in Star Trek Literature” panel at 3 PM. On the other hand, I’ve spent too much time indoors, in front of the computer, today already. I should go out for a walk.

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