almost the end of summer

Well, here it is, almost Labor Day, and almost six months since the COVID-19 stuff started. Things are continuing to open up a bit more. I went for a haircut on Saturday, my first since February. I’ve been trimming my own hair since then, and honestly not doing the best job. Since my regular barber decided to retire during the pandemic shutdown, I had to go to Sport Clips, which was… ok, but not really the same quality as the 80-year-old Italian barber I’ve been going to for the last 20 years. NJ has also recently allowed gyms to reopen, and will be allowing limited indoor dining starting this weekend.

I haven’t been keeping really close track of what’s going on with school reopenings, but I actually saw a crossing guard out this morning, so I guess at least some schools around here are open now, for (presumably) some in-person instruction.

The Met and MoMA are both open now. As I mentioned last month, I’ve really been missing my visits to both of those museums. Here’s a post from a year ago today, talking about a couple of my NYC museum visits from last summer. Sigh. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to try going into NYC this weekend, but I’m still toying with the idea. It’s tempting. I haven’t really done much of anything this summer, aside from work, exercise, reading, and watching TV. (Well, and sleeping and eating too, I guess.) I haven’t traveled more than 15 miles from my home since March. And I only went that far for doctor’s visits.

Here’s an article from the Washington Post, by someone who went to the Met and MoMA right after they reopened. And here’s a visitor’s guide from the NY Times, with some information on the current exhibits at the Met and MoMA, and the new rules for getting in. It looks like they’re both open Sunday and Monday (Labor Day), so… maybe I can talk myself into it. Or maybe I should just order myself copies of Making The Met, 1870–2020 and MoMA Now, and stay home and enjoy the museums from afar.

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