NYCC tomorrow

I’m (kind of) ready for NYCC tomorrow. Really, I’m not much more ready than I was a month ago. I’ve jotted down some notes about panels and stuff that I want to go to, but I’m basically going to wing it. Here’s a high-level article about the show this year that’s pretty informative.

My plan for tomorrow is to try to follow my usual weekday schedule, getting out of bed at 6 and leaving the house around 7:20, which will get me on a 7:40 train, which will then get me into the city by 9. Then, I’ll stop at my hotel, drop off my bag, and get down to Javits, probably a little before 10. Or I could take it easy at home for a bit, take a later train, and push everything back an hour. I haven’t been sleeping well the last few days, so maybe taking it easy tomorrow morning isn’t such a bad idea. And my neck and shoulders have been bothering me, so I’m not sure how well I’m going to deal with lugging a backpack around NYC for four days. We’ll see. If I fall apart, I can always skip out of the con early and go back to my hotel room for a nap.

I’m a little disorganized about my electronics on this trip too. I’m taking my iPhone, iPad, and Kindle, along with a keyboard for the iPad. I’m going to try to get by with no laptop or desktop computer for a few days. And I’m going to try to avoid checking my email too often. (Or Facebook or Twitter or the NY Times…) I’m looking at all the charging cables and adapters I have, and thinking I should get some kind of multi-purpose multi-port travel charger so I can cut down on all the doodads. Maybe for the next trip.

Well, I hope I can relax and untangle my brain a bit over the next few days. (I’ve also been keeping up with my meditation this week, so I’ll try to keep that up during the con too, probably in my hotel room in the morning or at night before bed.)

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