NYCC day one

I’m sitting in my hotel room this morning, eating breakfast, after a pretty long day at NYCC yesterday.

I started the day off by wandering the floor a bit, and bought a few comics. Then I went to the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child panel. That was fun. They had the actors for all the lead parts there. (I need to see Cursed Child again one of these days.)

Later, I went to a DC Meet the Publishers panel, with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. I’m cautiously optimistic about some of the stuff DC is doing right now, like Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern or some of the new stuff Bendis is working on. But other stuff definitely falls into the “not for me” category, like the Primal Age toys. They’re not for me, and that’s fine.

Then, after taking a break, I came back to the con for the StarTalk panel. That was mostly silly fun, but it ended with Dr. Tyson reading an open letter to NASA, on the occasion of their shared 60th birthday, that was quite touching. (I looked around online for the text of the letter, and couldn’t find it, but did find a similar one from ten years ago, for their shared 50th birthday.)

As an aside, I’m glad I stayed in the city last night, instead of taking the train home and back in this morning, since there was a NJ Transit derailment last night. No one was hurt, apparently, but it screwed up last night’s rush hour, and I think is still screwing things up today.

My initial plan for today was to go to the con in the morning, then head up to the NY Historical Society for the Harry Potter exhibit at 12:45, then back to the con. But I’m worried about how hard it’ll be to get a cab from Javits to the exhibit. The area around Javits is kind of a mess right now. And there’s really not much that I need to see at the con this morning. So I will probably skip the con in the morning and go uptown to see a museum or two. Then I can go to the con in the afternoon, after the exhibit.

I did a lot of walking yesterday, over 20,000 steps according to my watch. I think I want to be smarter about transportation today and maybe cut down on the walking a bit. I’m getting too old for all this exercise.

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