NYCC day three

Since I wrote up posts for days one and two, I might as well write one for day three also. As planned, I did in fact spend most of the day at the con, arriving a little after 10am and leaving a little after 6pm.

I wandered the floor for a little while in the morning, before it got too crowded. And I went through Artist’s Alley again, and stumbled across Terry Moore. I bought a signed copy of Motor Girl from him. (And that’s really all I bought, unless you count overpriced Javits food and coffee.)

I went to several panels today. The first was a “Coffee and Comics” panel, with a pretty random assemblage of people, including DMC (from Run-DMC), Larry Hama, Amy Chu, Sean Von Gorman and Ming Chen (from Comic Book Men). They did, indeed, talk about coffee a bit. But mostly they talked about comics, so that was fun. (There was a Will Eisner panel at the same time as that one, and I would have gone to that one instead, if I’d been paying more attention to the schedule. But I’m glad I went to the Coffee & Comics panel.)

Next, I went to a DC World’s Finest panel. (It didn’t have anything to do with the old World’s Finest title. It was just a random panel name.) They had a variety of creators at that one, similar to the previous night’s All-Star panel.

After that one, I went to the DC Superman 80th panel. I was expecting that to be more of a historical overview panel, as these anniversary panels often are, but instead it was a conversation between Brian Bendis and Frank Miller about Superman (moderated by Dan DiDio, as many of the DC panels were.) It was actually very interesting to hear the two of them talk about Superman. I’m now a little more interested in Miller’s upcoming Superman project, given some of the stuff he said on the panel.

I stayed in the same room after that one for the Adam Savage panel, which is the only non-comics-related panel I went to. He showed a trailer for Mythbusters Jr. and talked about that a bit. He also talked about cosplay and stuff like that. And he spent about half the time answering questions. I’ve seen him live a couple of times before, and he’s always great. Very energetic, funny, and kind.

Lastly, I went to a Brian Bendis spotlight panel. I had meant to go to a Tom King spotlight, but they switched up the schedule, so the Bendis panel was moved from earlier in the day. (I’m not sure what happened to the Tom King panel.) Anyway, that was also pretty cool, but the end result is that I saw a lot of Bendis over the last couple of days. I haven’t actually read any of his DC work yet, but now I’m looking forward to some of it.

I guess that was only four panels, but it seemed like a lot. I was going to go back to the con for a StarTalk All-Stars panel at 8pm, but I’m too tired for that.

Looking back, I seem to have gone to a lot of DC panels this weekend. I haven’t gone to any Marvel panels, or really any panels from any other publisher. That wasn’t intentional, and some of that is just timing. But a lot of that is that I’m not really that interested in anything coming out of Marvel right now. I’m interested in a few things coming out from Image, Dark Horse, and other smaller publishers, but there weren’t any panels related to them that were convenient for me to attend.

I’m writing this on Saturday night, unsure about whether or not I’m going to actually go back to the con on Sunday. I have my badge, but there’s not much I’m interested in tomorrow. I’ve seen just about everything I want to see on the show floor. And there aren’t any must-see panels tomorrow. There’s the big Doctor Who panel at MSG, but that’s probably going to be crazy. There are probably people lined up for it already.

So I may just check out of my hotel tomorrow morning and go home. Or I might get a second wind, and/or remember something I want to buy, or whatever. (Or I might just want to delay re-entering the real world a bit longer, since I see we apparently now have a horrible new addition to the Supreme Court? Sigh.)

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