Harry Potter excitement

I’m starting to get pretty excited about going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this weekend. As I mentioned I would do in my last post, I reread the script book this past weekend. I had indeed forgotten the plot almost entirely, but it came back to me as I read through it. (I may have linked to this before, but here’s a good article on how to remember what you read.)

I don’t normally read Vogue, but here’s a good article from them on the play. While I was rereading the script, I was trying to imagine how they’d stage a lot of the stuff in it, and I’m really stumped as to how they’ll be able to do it all and not have it look really hokey. But I have faith; the play has gotten really good reviews (from the London run), so I assume it’ll be great.

Meanwhile, WonderCon will be going on this weekend and I’ll be missing out on some good panels. I had pretty much decided that I wanted to go to WonderCon this year, but then the Potter thing came up and I decided that was more important. I’m not regretting that decision, but I kind of wish I had a Time-Turner so I could go to both!

And, as long as I’m going to be in New York, I might also try to see Weird Al one more time, since he’s playing The Apollo on Friday. I didn’t think I’d be able to get tickets for it this late, but there are some available at reasonable prices right now. His Tarrytown show was great, and he has been mixing up his set list more than he usually does on this tour, so maybe it would be worthwhile to see him again.

We had a lot of snow yesterday, but I’m starting to feel like spring is here. (Please, please, let there be no more snow this weekend!)

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