Weird Al in Tarrytown

I went to see Weird Al in Tarrytown on Thursday night. This is probably the third or fourth time I’ve seen Weird Al in concert. (I’m not even sure.) Tarrytown would not have been my first choice of venue, but his show at the Apollo was sold out, and he’s only playing relatively small venues on this tour, so it was the closest we could get. (It would have been cool if he’d played the State Theatre in New Brunswick, but no such luck!)

This tour is a little different from Al’s usual. He’s calling it his “ill-advised vanity tour.” He’s playing mostly original songs (not parodies) and he’s just sitting on a stool throughout the show, no funny costumes or sets or anything. Rolling Stone has an interview with him about it. The set list was varied and had a lot of fun stuff in it.

I’m getting too old to drive as far as Tarrytown on a weeknight, so I turned the concert into a two-day vacation, with an overnight stay in Manhattan. I took NJ Transit into NYC on Thursday afternoon and checked into my hotel. I did some random wandering around in NYC, then took a nap in my hotel room, then took the Metro North train to Tarrytown. It was a great show, and everything worked out pretty well. I caught a train back to NYC at around 11:20pm, getting into Grand Central just after midnight. By then, it had started raining, though not as bad as it would get on Friday. I checked out of the hotel Friday morning and went straight home. I had wanted to hang out in Manhattan a bit on Friday, but the rain was getting bad. I’m glad I didn’t stick around, because apparently the rush hour commute home on NJ Transit got VERY bad.

NJ Transit has been getting pretty bad, in general, lately. The trip into the city on Thursday hit a snag, due to a disabled train in the tunnel into Manhattan. That caused a delay of about 30 minutes. That kind of thing is getting to be “the new normal,” it seems. You just have to build an extra hour into your schedule, in case anything happens on the train. I’m hoping that Phil Murphy manages to find some way to spend some money on transportation infrastructure, but I’m not optimistic. He’s at least trying though.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a post about a great Weird Al concert, not a post about how much trouble NJ Transit is in. Weird Al also has a new single out: The Hamilton Polka! I’ve never seen Hamilton, or even heard much of the music from it, but this is a typical Weird Al polka medley. It’s pretty funny, and probably much funnier if you’re familiar with the source material.


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