Today’s Apple Complaint

Yesterday’s big announcement about the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X and all that stuff was very impressive, but my main Apple concern right now is, yet again, annoying iTunes changes. (See also here.) Every time Apple changes iTunes, they make it worse.

This version’s main annoyance is the removal of the iOS app store and iOS app management from iTunes. Yep, you can’t buy or browse apps from within iTunes anymore, and you can’t sync app updates down to your iPhone or iPad the old-fashioned way anymore. This bugs me a lot because I’ve recently had to sync app updates to my iPad via iTunes, due to some over-the-air updates getting stuck. So I guess I’ll have to figure out why those updates were getting stuck now, instead of just working around it. Oh well.

As to removing the ability to browse the app store within iTunes, that wouldn’t bother me too much if they replaced it with a decent web-based app store. (But they’re probably not going to do that.) Right now, you can view web pages for iOS apps (like this one), but you can’t really do anything with them. You can’t log in to your iTunes account and buy an app, or write an app review, or manage in-app subscriptions, or anything even vaguely useful.

This other big issue is that, in the “songs” view, the top part, where you can browse by genre, artist, and album, is now sized so it only shows three rows. You can drag it down so it’s a more useful size, but the resizing doesn’t stick, so you have to do it every time you go back into iTunes. (Heck, I just checked, and it doesn’t even stick if you just switch to another view, then back to “songs.”) Really, why would they do that?

So that’s my cranky-old-man complaint for the day. Hope you enjoyed it!

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