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I occasionally post code here, and I’ve never been entirely satisfied with the various ways that one can post nicely-formatted code on a blog. This blog has been around for so long that I’ve gone through several approaches. Recently, I’ve been putting all my code snippets in Github Gists, and then embedding those Gists here.

That looks pretty good, and works pretty well, but I’ve discovered a couple of downsides to that method. First, the code itself is not actually in my posts, so it doesn’t show up in searches, either here at the blog or (presumably) in Google or other search engines. I realized this a while back when I tried to search for a past post, using a bit of code that I knew was in the post. When I didn’t find it, I realized that of course the code wasn’t in the post, it was only out on Github. So I wanted to fix that, and get the code itself into my post database.

Second, the company I work for has started blocking the Gist site. I’m not sure why, but I guess maybe it’s occasionally used to post malicious code? Regardless, it’s a problem, since I sometimes want to bring up an old post of mine at work to remind myself of how I solved a problem in the past. When I do that now, the post is visible but the embedded gist is missing. And if my company is blocking gists, other companies are probably doing it too, so other people looking at my blog might be confused when they see a post with missing code.

So there are some good reasons to include actual code in my posts, rather than relying on Github. I could go back to just wrapping the code in <pre> and/or <code> tags, but I wanted to have something that would look at least as good as the embedded gists. So I started looking at syntax-highlighting plugins for WordPress.

I looked at Enlighter and WP-Syntax. Enlighter looks pretty cool, but I decided to go with WP-Syntax in the end. It uses GeSHI, which I’ve used before (in Drupal), and supports a lot of languages, including X++, which is a pretty obscure language. I installed it about a week ago. Today, I decided to spend a little time editing some of my old posts to move code from gists to WP-Syntax. It worked out pretty well. (And I’m still linking to the gists, so if the code gets scrambled, it’ll still be there on Github.)

To some extent, I guess this is just pointless busywork. My old posts don’t really get a lot of hits, and I really don’t refer back to them that often. But it was a nice little way to spend an hour on a cold Sunday afternoon, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

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