a birthday, a parade, and a good book

Tomorrow will be my 50th birthday. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mention that on the blog, but I’ve previously posted about my 35th and 45th birthdays, so it’s not like it would be hard for anyone to figure out how old I am, if they wanted to know. So here it is: I’ll be 50 tomorrow.

The Somerville St Patrick’s Day parade is going on right now. I’ve been watching a bit from my window; it’s too cold out for me to want to go outside and watch. And I’ve been getting wrapped up in the final chapters of the final book of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I started re-reading it a few weeks ago, and I’m almost done now.

I had been planning to visit a friend yesterday to celebrate my birthday, but that fell through. That will probably happen next weekend now, but that means it’s been a generally uneventful weekend, since I didn’t plan anything else.

I used my Starbucks birthday reward to get a free chicken sandwich for lunch, so that was my big birthday meal. I’ve got a couple of Justin’s peanut butter cups I might eat later, in lieu of birthday cake.

I’m expecting that tomorrow will be a pretty normal, quiet day at work. But we’re supposed to get a lot of snow on Tuesday, so I think it’s going to be a chaotic week overall. I decided this year that I’m no longer going to be the guy who valiantly drives in to work in a snowstorm, so I expect I’ll either be working from home on Tuesday (and possibly Wednesday) or taking a PTO day. And if we get as much snow as expected, the whole week will be a mess. Here’s hoping that something vaguely approximating Spring gets started soon!

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