Too Many Steps

I generally feel pretty good about myself if I manage to get in 7500 steps in a day. (I’m at about 6300 today, and that’s about average for a weekday.) I know that 10,000 is often cited as a good goal, but I rarely get that many.

Now, I’m reading that maybe 15,000 is the goal we should be shooting for. Yikes. For now, I’m going to pretend I never read this article and continue being happy when I manage to get past 7500, and ecstatic when I pass 10,000.

(In related news, I’m still wearing my Apple Watch every day and filling up the circles in my Activity app on most days. I almost always hit the “stand” goal. I usually hit the 30 minute exercise goal. And my move goal is currently set at 370 cal, which I hit maybe 5 times a week.)

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