Copying SharePoint users from one group to another

I recently hit an issue with SharePoint, where I had added a bunch of users to a “visitors” group, but then needed to move them to a “members” group. I figured I could probably do this with PowerShell, so I did some searching, found a couple of scripts that were almost what I needed, and managed to cobble something useful together. So, for future reference, here it is. This script will get a list of users from the source group, then add them to the destination group. (I later deleted the users from the source group manually, but that could probably be done with PowerShell as well.) I’m also filtering the user list, so it only includes individual users with e-mail addresses, not domain groups.

Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.Sharepoint.Powershell"
$siteURL = "http://SITENAME/sites/SUBSITE/"
$srcGroup = "My Database Visitors"
$destGroup = "My Database Members"
$srcUsers = Get-SPWeb $siteURL |
    Select -ExpandProperty SiteGroups |
    Where { $_.Name -eq $srcGroup } |
    Select -ExpandProperty Users |
    Where {$_.IsDomainGroup -eq $false -and $_.Email -ne ""}
foreach ($user in $srcUsers)
    New-SPUser -UserAlias $user.Email -Web $siteURL -Group $destGroup

I’m still not great with either SharePoint or PowerShell, but I get by. Here’s a couple of sources that I used in creating this script:

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