Interactive C# REPLs

I was working on a C# program today, and wanted to test a small code snippet out. I used to use Snippet Compiler for that sort of thing, but it hasn’t been updated in a very long time.

Visual Studio 2015 now has a built-in REPL, but I’m using VS 2013.

I decided to try installing ScriptCS, which I’d read about before, but never actually tried. It was near the end of the work day when I started trying to install it, and I hit a couple of minor snags. So I don’t have it working yet, but I plan on getting it straightened out tomorrow.

In the past, I’ve also looked at CShell, which appears to be similar to ScriptCS, but with an actual lightweight IDE included.

I’ve also looked at CS-Script, which is interesting because it can be used with Notepad++ via a plugin.

And if you just want to try something out in a web browser, there’s .NET Fiddle.

Scott Hanselman has a good blog post on C# REPLs here. He mentions ScriptCS and the VS 2015 C# and F# REPLs.

I don’t have anything terribly useful to say about any of these products, since I haven’t gotten around to using them yet, but I wanted to write this up, just so I’d have a consolidated list of links to all of them.

This whole thing has side-tracked me enough from the actual task I was trying to accomplish, that I almost forgot what it was. I’m pretty sure I was trying to check how WebUtility.HtmlDecode would treat a certain input string, but I could be wrong. Well, tomorrow’s another day!


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