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There was a bit of a brouhaha earlier this week, when Evernote made some changes to their privacy policy. I’ve always known that my Evernote data isn’t encrypted, and can be seen by Evernote employees and processed by Evernote’s servers, so this doesn’t seem like that big a change (or that big a deal) to me. I generally store more sensitive stuff in 1Password, which is encrypted locally, and would be inaccessible to the folks at AgileBits.

The new wrinkle here is that Evernote is going to be doing some fancy machine learning stuff, so they needed to clarify how that would work. They posted a blog entry on this stuff today, and I’m reasonably satisfied with it, so I’m not going to be jumping ship over this.

Still, I should probably do a quick pass through my Evernote notebooks, and make sure I don’t have anything sensitive in there. If I do, I can move it to 1Password or just encrypt it in-place in Evernote. The encryption feature in Evernote is not great: you need to encrypt single notes, one at a time, and you can only do it on Windows and Mac, not on iOS. I think it would be great if you could designate an entire notebook as encrypted, and just put all your sensitive stuff in that one notebook.

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