Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I am currently installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on my ThinkPad. Surprisingly, it still hasn’t shown up in Windows Updates on my fairly new desktop PC, but it showed up today on my 2011 ThinkPad. I though Microsoft was pushing it out to newer machines first, but maybe there’s something about my desktop PC that’s made them hold it back. (Possibly the fact that I’ve got McAfee on my desktop, while I’ve got no third-party anti-virus on the ThinkPad?) Either way, I’d rather install it to the ThinkPad first, since that machine is a bit more expendable than my desktop, if something goes wrong.

Microsoft is taking a lot of heat for their behavior regarding Windows 10 lately. I agree with a lot of this criticism, but, from a practical standpoint, I still think Windows is a good choice for a desktop operating system, and I’m going to continue using it. (Keep in mind that this opinion is coming from someone who makes his living writing software that runs on Windows…)

ShutUp10 is an interesting utility that allows you to tweak a number of privacy-related settings in Windows 10. I haven’t tried it, but it looks interesting, for anyone who’s concerned about that kind of thing.

I’m pretty enthusiastic about the Bash/Ubuntu on Windows feature, so I’ll likely be installing that as soon as I’ve got the Anniversary Update up and running. I honestly haven’t had much time for side projects lately, but Bash/Ubuntu should make it a bit easier to mess around with stuff like Ruby on Rails on a Windows machine, without setting up full-fledged VMs.

Oh, and I’m hoping the Anniversary Update doesn’t kill Neverwinter Nights (which I haven’t even had time to play in the last few weeks).

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