The Care Package – by Jack Ohman

The Care Package is a short comic series that was posted to the PBS NewsHour web site last year. It was a really well-done series about the author’s father’s final years and death. I had read one part of it, and bookmarked it, but never got around to sitting down and reading the whole thing until yesterday. It’s quite touching, and reminds me of some of the stuff that happened in my own parents’ final years. (Stuff like spending so much time in the hospital that you know where all the good vending machines are. And dealing with c. diff.)

Here’s are links to all five parts:

Long-term care is a tough problem. My Dad spent a lot of time thinking about it, and weighing options, and in the end, for him, he didn’t need it; he went from home to the hospital, and died there. My Mom was another matter, though also, in the end, she didn’t really need long-term care. She went from home to assisted living, but died after only a few months there, and was in and out of the hospital that whole time. But I learned a lot about long-term care in that time, since I did a lot of legwork and research in trying to find a place that was a good fit for my Mom.

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