The comics have left the building

The last of my massive comic book donation has just been picked up! I gave away a total of 31 long boxes of comics, and 2 long boxes of trade paperbacks and hardcovers. I should have an actual count of the books soon, from the guy I gave them to. Since a long box fits about 300 books, I’m guessing I had around 9000 comics. (Which seems like way too many.)

My next project should probably be cleaning up and organizing some of the other books I have stacked up — novels, computer books, and the like. Some of the old computer books are probably going to have to go right in the recycle bin. And maybe it’s time to throw out most of old college textbooks too. I’m going to take some inspiration from this article about the New Yorker’s recent move to 1 WTC:

The thing that’s worth keeping is the thing you do next.

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