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I’m proud to say that my taxes are done, and February isn’t even over yet. (OK, I’m using an accountant now, and not doing them myself, but I’m still proud. I had to get all my paperwork together, make an appointment, show up for the appointment, etc. Yes, it was more work when I did the taxes myself, but it’s still work.)

I’m going to need to pay (federal and state) estimated taxes for 2015, though, and I’m worried that I’m going to forget one or more payments. I’d like to just set up scheduled payments through my bank or something like that, but I’m not sure that would work out. I’m sure the bank would send the money to the IRS (and State of NJ), but I’m not sure it would get credited right without the proper form attached. The IRS has something called EFTPS for electronic payments, but I don’t think I can just schedule all four payments at once and forget about it. (And I’m not sure I trust an IRS-run web site…)

So I think I’m going to have to use some kind of fancy electronic reminder system for this. A while back I mentioned that I’d been messing with Gneo and Things. Well, I pretty much gave up on both of them, and I’m just sticking with Evernote reminders for my “fancy reminder” needs. I’m sure I can create reminders for the estimated tax payments in Evernote, but I still kind of feel like I should be doing something fancier.

I’ve been listening to the Mac Power Users podcast a lot lately, but they still haven’t quite talked me into trying out OmniFocus, the fanciest of GTD / task management / reminder systems. I’m probably over-thinking this. I should just write down “pay estimated taxes” on the appropriate days on my Doctor Who wall calendar, and I’ll be fine.

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