no San Diego for me this year

Once again, I’ve failed to secure a badge for SDCC. Badges sold out in record time this year, so that’s not unexpected. I can probably still get a badge for WonderCon, and I may do that. I’ve been to WonderCon several times, back when it was in San Francisco. I’m not nearly as excited about Anaheim in April as I would have been for San Francisco in February (which is when they usually had the con before it moved). But it might be worth doing, just for the sake of getting out of the NY/NJ area for a few days.

I’m really not following any new comics right now, and I have pretty much no idea what’s going on in the Marvel and DC universes. And I’ve just given away most of my collection, so I’m not at all motivated to pick up any new back issues. So I’m not sure what stuff at the con would even be of interest to me, though I suspect I’d manage to enjoy myself regardless.

Of course, if the con wasn’t interesting, I could always go to Disneyland and get measles. That would be exciting!

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