Windows 10

I just installed the Windows 10 preview on my laptop, in a virtual machine running under VirtualBox. I’m sure I could have done this without instructions, as there wasn’t anything tricky about it, but I used the instructions found here.

I’m trying VirtualBox for the first time. Previously, before I wiped the laptop and re-installed everything, I was using Hyper-V. I wasn’t entirely happy with it, though, as I’d had some networking issues, both on the host and on the VMs. So I decided to give VirtualBox a try. I’d rather use VMWare, since that’s what I use at work, but a new license for that is $250, and VirtualBox is free.

I don’t have much to say about Windows 10 yet. I’ll try to play around with it a bit tomorrow, or over the weekend. I do think Microsoft is back on the right track with Windows, based on the new Start menu, and some of the other enhancements they’ve made.

Ditto on VirtualBox. So far, it works fine, and hasn’t screwed up my networking, so that’s cool.

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